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CAPCO Premium 12,000 Hour Full Synthetic Rotary Screw Lubricant

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Price: $327.37
Part Number: CAP 12000
Manufactured to Fit: Capco
Manufacturer Part No: CAP 12000

Introducing CAP 12000 Universal Rotary Screw Full Synthetic Compressor Lubricant


Most rotary screw compressor manufacturers today use one of two quality synthetic lubricants to fill their machines, either polyalkylene glycol (PAG) or polyalphaolenfin (PAO). Some OEM’s offer an option for a polyolester (POE) upgrade to be used in units operating in high temperature environments.


Why switch to a universal compressor lubricant?

·         CAP 12000  universal compressor lubricant offers improved performance in high temperature or contaminated environments when compared to PAO’s and other synthetic hydrocarbons.

·         Facilities with multiple rotary screw compressor makes and models can now easily transition to the universal compressor lubricant; one fluid for use in all these systems Additional benefits to this include:

·         Reduction in inventory levels

·         Risk reduction of cross-contamination as a result of having multiple fluid types on hand

·         CAP 12000 universal compressor lubricant offers a significant cost savings over OEM fluids.

CAP 12000 Lubricant Compatibility

CAPCO uses a supplier of proprietary blends of base fluids to ensure compatibility with synthetic hydrocarbons, PAO’s, PAG’s and various types of esters. Compatibility of additive chemistries has also been tested.


·         CAP 12000  is not designed to be used for rotary vane, reciprocating and some centrifugal compressors. This fluid is not heavy enough for reciprocating compressors and will not perform properly with the detergent characteristics needed for rotary vane units.

·         CAP 12000 is not compatible with silicone lubricants found in some rotary screw compressors.

·         CAP 12000 is compatible with food grade lubricants, however this product is not NSF H-1 certified. Mixing this product with a food grade lubricant would result in the compressor no longer operating with a lubricant that meets this standard.

CAPCO’s CAP 12000 benefits outlined above show many clear advantages over typical aftermarket replacement fluids. With a 12,000 Hr capability under normal operating conditions, CAP 12000 is hands down, the best universal lubricant in the market.

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